Career Support

Career Support

For international student career enhancement, we will offer guidance for job opportunities, Guidance for postgraduate courses is also available.

Career support for international students

Kobe International University provides programs for improving career advancement skills for international students. Students who wish to get work in Japan are allowed to attend these programs.

PC skills

As international students get work in Japan, they are expected to be active as managers in the future. International students will acquire the Word and Excel skills necessary for business so they will be able to analyze and output necessary information efficiently as managers.

Employment support guidance

Students aim to improve employment skills practically, such as how to proceed with job hunting, Japanese business etiquette, interview exercises.

  • ー Ability for companies to ask international students
  • ー Japanese corporate culture
  • ー Working in a Japanese company
  • ー Business manners in Japan (wording)
    • 1) Honorific words
    • 2) Difference between spoken and written language
    • 3) Reporting · contact · consultation
    • 4) Facial expression
    • 5) Appearance
    • 6) Behavior
    • 7) Telephone etiquette
    • 8) business mail, letter etiquette
  • ー Interview practice

Preparation for graduate school

Kobe International University supports international students who wish to go on to study at graduate school.

Guidance for entering graduate school

Kobe International University actively supports advanced students for international students who wish to go on to graduate school. We provide guidance for students wishing to go on to graduate schools, such as exam preparation, essay writing, and research planning.

Graduate school

Students have entered the following graduate schools after graduation:

  • ー Osaka University Graduate School
  • ー Kobe University Graduate School
  • ー Shiga University Graduate School
  • ー Wakayama University Graduate School
  • ー University of Hyogo Graduate School
  • ー Kobe City University of Foreign Studies Graduate School
  • ー Ritsumeikan University Graduate School
  • ー Kansai University Graduate School