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Discourse Analysis Net 1st Asian Conference – Kobe International University

Call for Papers
DN-A1 (Discourse Analysis Net 1st Asian Conference – Kobe International University)Challenging Hegemonies in Asia: Examining the place of DA in the public sphere in Asia, and differences with European DS.
Kobe, Japan         March 7-8, 2020

Kobe International University Academic Research Society, along with Discourse, nvites submissions of presentation proposals for the Challenging Hegemonies in Asia: Examining the place of DA in the public sphere in Asia, and differences with European DS, to be held in Kobe, Japan on March 7-8, 2020.

In recent years, Discourse Studies (DS) has developed into a global scholarly practice. In Asia, Discourse Analysis (DA) has crept into Second Language Education, business research, as well as political studies. In Europe, Discourse Analysis Net (DN) has been a central platform for supporting DS in the EU, and with DN-A1, we now extend our support of DS to researchers in Asia. Through this conference, we hope to build a bridge between European and Asian DS researchers.

To facilitate this meeting of worlds, we ask several questions:
Which DS approaches are more popular in Asia – CA, DA, or CDA?
Which DS founders are most read in Asia?
How is DS methodology applied in Asia, and how is DS practiced there?
What are the new developments in DS and DA techniques made by researchers in Asia?
How are the political stakes of doing DA different in Asia from those in Europe?
How is Asian media discourse treated in DS?
What role does DS have in social change in Asia?

To answer these questions and pose new ones, we welcome researchers from any discipline who use DS to examine local or glocal discourses, regional hegemonies of thought and politics, expressions of identity, and examples of interaction.

Additionally, we also welcome criticism of DA as a eurocentric, western practice that has been marshalled in the name of western ‘universal values’ of democracy, and focused through this prism on the use of language for power, identity, and interaction. From the foundational  genealogies and archaeologies of Michel Foucault, to the critical Discourse Analysis (DA) of Pecheux, to Sinclair-Coulthard style Conversation Analysis (CA), to Norman Fairclough’s conception of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA), Europe has been the center of theoretical innovation, methodological development, and critical activity in DS. We hope to problematize this history with DS-A1.  

This first Asian Discourse Studies conferences is organized in cooperation with Kobe International University. In future, we hope to have more conferences in other Asian cities to hear the different voices of DS in the Asia-Pacific region.

DS-A1 welcomes researchers from any discipline, and encourages presentations in the language in which the work is done. We look to create a communal space for DS in Asia, linking scholars here to each other and to the world through Discourse Analysis Net.

We welcome 20 minute talks with a discursive approach to how language and power are conceived in Asia. Presentations might touch on doing DS in Asia, specifically theoretical or methodological developments, as well as techniques and practice. Presentations on common themes such as governance, public administration, political communication strategies, the political content of popular entertainment, recent economic developments, as well as foreign policy in the Asia are also welcome.

Presentations will organized into a digital conference proceedings.

Send submissions of 300-500 words to

Deadline is October 30, 2019

Theodore Bonnah, Associate professor
Kobe International University, School of Economics

Theodore Bonnah