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Japanese Language College

The Japanese Language College helps students develop a high level of proficiency in Japanese as well as basic knowledge about Japan prior to their admission to the undergraduate course.

Objective of the Japanese Language College

The Japanese Language College is dedicated to helping highly motivated international students with sufficient scholastic ability develop the Japanese proficiency and basic knowledge about Japan that they will need to successfully pursue and complete their studies in the Faculty of Economics at Kobe International University. By completing 1.5-year curriculum prior to their admission to a Japanese university, students will develop a working proficiency in Japanese through a consistent study of the language. Students who sucessfully completed the Program can enter the Faculty of Economics at Kobe International University on a priority basis. Depending on their academic performance, they may also be able to apply for early admission to the Faculty of Economics on the recommendation of the program director.


Japanese Grammar,Writing Japanease, Japan Studies, Advanced Grammar, Reading Japanese, Japanology,Listening and Conversation, Vocabulary, etc.

After completion

Students completing the Japanese Language College have gone on to study at Kobe International University as well as at various other national, public, and private universities and graduate schools.

Japanese cultural of Study

In addition to academic study, Kobe International University holds events that give students opportunities to experience Japanese culture. The Japanese Language College also offers a large number of events at which students can interact and make friends with Japanese students.

Welcome parties for new students, sports tournaments, fall foliage viewing parties, mochi pounding, exchange meeting with local Japanese students’ families, and more