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Faculty of Rehabilitation

Features of the Faculty of Rehabilitation

The Faculty of Rehabilitation at Kobe International University strives to provide quality physical therapy services to become skilled certified-physical therapists. The programme aims to prepare students in all areas of practice fundamentals with well-balanced perspective to the needs of medical front. Teaching progresses include theory and many hands-on experiences.

Strong support for passing a national exam (of Japan) for being certified physical therapists!
We strive for 100% of the national exam pass rate by conducting group work of 35-hours a week.

  • Starting on the curriculum within the scope of the national exam from the first-year.
  • Making a good use of variety of questions at the classes prepared by experienced teahing staff as well as questions from the past national exam.
  • Holding special seminars closely-focused on the national exam.
  • Giving emphasis on group work which one can help eah other.
  • Offering the customized curriculum based on academic performances of students.

Helpful career services by the same counselor untill you get a perfect job

  • Leading the way to your ideal workplace by supportive teaching staff.
  • Joining special lectures for improving communication skills with patients.
  • Acquiring general skills that you will need in medical practice.

Well-equipped facilities

Exercise therapeutics laboratory, physical treatment laboratory, kinematics laboratory, everyday life activity studies laboratory

The programmes meet the need of global healthcare servises and you have a great oppotunity to receive clinical trainings in Australia as well as Hokkaido and Okinawa.(in Japan) The classes of medical English is extensively available.

Department of Physical Therapy

At the department, fourteen practicing certified physical therapists provide the students with clinical training which will later be used in a professional situation.
This course helps you to be a certified-physical therapist.