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Faculty of Economics

Features of the course:

We provide very inspirational and flexible undergraduate teaching delivered by academics that are passionate about their subjects. The course introduces a course-based approach* that the students can choose a course to suit their interests with a view to think of their plans and goals for after graduation. Most of the classes consist of small people(10-15) of students and they can study at a comfortable atmosphere.

There are 15courses. Each course has its own curriculum and prepared for useful subjects to gain useful qualifications.

  • Department of Economics and Management
    • ・Management Course
    • ・Marketing Course
    • ・Corporate Management Course
    • ・Contemporary Japanese Economy Course
    • ・Finance Course
    • ・International Economy & Trade Course
    • ・IT Business Course
    • ・Business and Economics Course
    • ・English Specialist Course
  • Department of Global Culture Industry & Tourism
    • ・Tourism Producer Course
    • ・Hotel,Wedding and Ceremony Course
    • ・International Communications and Airline
       Business Course
    • ・Fashion Business Course
    • ・Lifestyle Design Course
    • ・Tourism Business Course
    • ・English Specialist Course

※The English Specialist Course is open to both the Department of Economics&Management and the Department of Global Culture Industry & Tourism.

Small-group instruction

  • A friendly teacher-student relationship
  • Each seminar has a small group of 10-15 people
  • Will help you to meet people who will be your new friends

Active learning (off-campus activities: Involving in a community)

Students have a great opportunity to work in a wide range of fieldwork collaborating with companies, hotels, local communities and so on. This experience will definitely be a good preparation to the students for their future work.

Department of Economics and Management

Economics and business administration are very important to lead a modern high-quality society. Going after profit should not be the first in everything. In order to keep a good balance of the nature and the human beings, we need to learn the ways to conduct economic and business activities with consideration of safety and untroubled living conditions. Deep insight to the world will be acquired from this course.

Postgraduate Careers

Bank clerks, management consultants, career cosultants, securities analysts, marketing planners, financial planners, company managers, store owners, IT consultants, computer instructors, support engineers, system engineers, Web producers, police offiers and sales representative positions.
Graduates can continue their studies in postgraduate courses at University in Japan and overseas.

Department of Global Culture Industry & Tourism

Kobe, which has been affected by the foreign cultures through a port, is blessed with beautiful landscapes and intersting tourist destinations which attract many tourists from home and abroad. We offer practical classes and fieldwork involved in the local community with taking good advantage of the attractive areas.

※The English Specialist Course is open to both the Department of Economics & Management and the Department of Global Culture Industry & Tourism.

Postgraduate Careers

Tour guides, tour planners, cabin attendants, interpreter-guides, tourism & community design planners, hotel employees, concierges, wedding plannners, wedding coordinators, funeral directors, apparel store clerks, fashion coordinators, sales promotion planners, interior decorators, etc