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Spirit of Foundation

Kobe International University and Its Spirit of Foundation :

Deum timete,
nolite timere populum et servite ei.

KIU was established in 1968 by its founder, Rev. Hinsuke Yashiro, Prime Bishop of the Anglican Church in Japan, based on the spirit of Christianity and advocating the spirit of the foundation“ Stand in awe of God, but fear no man, and serve mankind”.

With the purpose of creating an education encompassing the total personality based on Christian ethics, KIU aims to develop human resources equipped with rich knowledge and expertise capable of contributing to international society and the construction of a peaceful world.
Simultaneously, KIU widely accepts a variety of students regardless of their religious belief and strives for religious tolerance.

Education at KIU is based on a small group system. Thanks to this system, KIU, as one of its outstanding characteristics, offers a friendly teacher-student relationship, providing students with well-managed education and good care.

In order for students to respond in a timely manner to rapidly progressing globalization, KIU believes that it is necessary for students to actually experience life abroad, in addition to having foreign language ability. For that purpose, KIU’s global network of partner universities works to send our Japanese students to study abroad. KIU also invites many foreign students to KIU to naturally make an international environment inside the campus and encourage mutual understanding among different cultures while nourishing religious sentiment.

In 2018, KIU will celebrate its jubilee and continue to keep the spirit of its establishment and the characteristicsstated above.