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Kobe International University aims to give its students the knowledge to contribute to society as citizens. The university is a community of scholars engaged in the education of society’s human resources. Its educational basis is a liberal arts curriculum. It provides a comprehensive academic program in small classes to prepare its students for professional research in the fields of economics, business management, international culture and business, and physical therapy. KIU’s students study under the guidance of educators and researchers with a broad range of experience and knowledge in various disciplines. They are educated in social responsibility, independent thinking, and individualism. Moreover, the individual needs of each and every student are met and they are encouraged in their growth. They pursue a realistic career education to aid them in finding future employment. Moreover, a cross-cultural education is essential in today’s global society. KIU offers courses taught in English and Chinese in partnership with affiliated universities abroad. It provides a rich internationalism in its variety of cooperative programs. Its students participate in a global campus environment. KIU expects all of its students, foreign and domestic, to develop a curiosity in scholarly discovery and the pursuit of knowledge in their society.

Programs at KIU

KIU is offering high quality small class education in the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Refabilitation. Students who interested in economics, business, hospitality and tourism as well as training in physical therapy will get the opportunity to receive education related to their future careers.

Kobe International University

  • Faculty of Economics
  • ・Department of Economics and Management
  • ・Department of Global Culture Industry and Tourism
  • ・Japanese Language College (kokusai bekka)
  • Faculty of Rehabilitation
  • ・Department of Physical Therapy